Dog Cabins
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Barcelona Dog Cabins are some of the world’s best in quality, comfort, and safety for your family’s best friend. Great time, care, and precision is put into the construction of every cabin. All cabins are built completely by hand where the most care can be put into them. Every cabin is inspected for cracks, nails, splinters, or any other unwanted objects. Not only does this make the cabin last virtually forever, but most importantly, it prevents your dog from ever getting stuck, hurt, or wet.

We’re confident that once you see one of our dog cabins up close, you will never trust your animals to any other.

Removable Top

This allows for easy cleaning of the house as well as access to the animal if it is in need of assistance.


All houses are checked and sealed against cracks and anything that water or air could get in through.

Raised Base

The base of all houses is raised up from the ground several inches to protect from water or snow entering.

Recycled Wood

The wood used to make every dog cabin is obtained from the infamous Hayman fire area of Colorado - never living trees.

No Sharp Edges - Guaranteed

All houses are check by using bare hands for any splinters, rough edges, and especially nails - which are removed.

Inverted Awning

The entrance of the house is constructed with an inverted awning which prevents wind, rain, and snow from entering.